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Overheard: Steven Soderbergh

print A few months ago I was on this Jet Blue flight from New York to Burbank. And I like Jet Blue, not just because of the prices. They have this terminal at JFK that I think is really nice. I think…
LENGTH: 20 minutes (5222 words)

As We May Think: A 1945 Essay on Information Overload, “Curation,” and Open-Access Science

“There is a new profession of trail blazers, those who find delight in the task of establishing useful trails through the enormous mass of the common record.” Tim O’Reilly recently admonished that…
PUBLISHED: Oct. 11, 2012
LENGTH: 9 minutes (2386 words)


In the last chapter of her novel A Visit From The Goon Squad, Jennifer Egan imagines a dystopian near future in which toddlers in the year 2020 download music to their ubiquitous "kiddie handsets",…
PUBLISHED: Nov. 18, 2011
LENGTH: 11 minutes (2751 words)