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The real mystery lurking in the chapel where Dan Brown set The Da Vinci Code.
From the outside, the Rosslyn Chapel does not look like a suitable place to hide Jesus' head. It's not much bigger than a country church, standing inconspicuously on a small hill in the miniature…
Author: Chris Wilson
Source: Slate
Published: May 17, 2011
Length: 6 minutes (1535 words)
As email, documents, and almost every aspect of our professional and personal lives moves onto the cloudremote servers we rely on to store, guard, and make available all of our data whenever and…
Length: 7 minutes (1850 words)
Drone-Ethics Briefing: What a Leading Robot Expert Told the CIA
Last month, philosopher Patrick Lin delivered this briefing about the ethics of drones at an event hosted by In-Q-Tel, the CIA's venture-capital arm. It's a thorough and unnerving survey of what it…
Author: Patrick Lin
Length: 19 minutes (4818 words)
How the Dark Knight Became Dark Again
WARNER BROS. SUMMONED Tim Burton to a lunch meeting at the studio on a Friday afternoon in late July 1985. The young director was nearing a deal to direct Batman, but Warner's top executives wanted…
Published: July 17, 2012
Length: 3 minutes (796 words)
The Americas' Team: The Tijuana Xolos bridge the gap between Mexico and America
Not so long ago, crossing the border between San Diego and Tijuana wasn’t much of a hassle. Although Mexicans would always complain that border guards were a bit too aggressive in searching…
Length: 22 minutes (5549 words)
A different world: How one small college is quitting sports -- and might lead a revolution
In the beginning, Danyelle Carter had only one thought: I'm going to die. The 7 a.m. boot camp workout class at Spelman College is a muscle-testing, lung-battering trial for even the fittest. And…
Length: 24 minutes (6022 words)
Saving grace: After a gruesome murder, a man turns to his friends in the ocean to overcome grief and give his life purpose
Stay connected with SB Nation Follow @sbnation It was early morning in Drake Bay, a coastal, tourist town in the wildest jungle of Costa Rica, and a crescent moon still hung in the sky. In the trees,…
Length: 25 minutes (6308 words)
Keep Calm and Don't Breathe: The country's only high school underwater hockey team fights its way through the U.S. National Tournament
The start of the National Underwater Hockey tournament has not gone exactly as planned for Cincinnati's Roger Bacon High School. On Friday, the first day of the round-robin competition, the team lost…
Length: 25 minutes (6388 words)
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