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This Is What 29 Million Cars Looks Like

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The 17 Most Harrowing Feature Stories Of 2013

3. A Death in Valdosta — Grantland Jordan Conn travels to rural Georgia, where a promising athlete was found mysteriously dead in the corner of his high school’s gym; what was decided to be an…
PUBLISHED: Dec. 6, 2013
LENGTH: 2 minutes (699 words)

The Other Side of the Story

Most of us have had one of those teachers. For one of my friends, it was the ninth grade biology instructor who inspired her to become a doctor; for another it was the art history teacher who…
PUBLISHED: Dec. 4, 2013
LENGTH: 3 minutes (999 words)

From Here to Paternity

Behind the scenes with Maury as the show enters its 16th seasonListen to the familiar voice of Maury Povich: This is Tiffany. In two months, Tiffany is marrying her fiancé, Cornelius. But the…
PUBLISHED: Nov. 8, 2013
LENGTH: 16 minutes (4001 words)

Gore Vidal, Iconic American Author, Had Way More Sex Than You

Gore Vidal in 1947. Jerry Cooke / Time & Life Pictures / Getty Images In December 2011, about seven months before he died, Gore Vidal turned to his good friend Scotty Bowers as the two relaxed in…
AUTHOR:Tim Teeman
PUBLISHED: Nov. 6, 2013
LENGTH: 12 minutes (3059 words)

The FPA’s Must Reads (September 28-October 4)

[REUTERS/Jacquelyn Martin/Pool] The Inside Story Of One Website’s Defense of Assad By Rosie Gray and Jessica TestaBuzzfeed On August 29, Mint Press News broke the story that Syrian rebels were…
PUBLISHED: Oct. 4, 2013
LENGTH: 1 minutes (324 words)

To Steal a Mockingbird?

HOMEThe notoriously private author Harper Lee is now waging a public courtroom battle. Her lawsuit charges that in 2007 her agent, Samuel Pinkus, duped the frail 80-year-old Lee into assigning him…
AUTHOR:Mark Seal
PUBLISHED: Aug. 1, 2013
LENGTH: 31 minutes (7965 words)


BOOK I.MISS BROOKE.CHAPTER I. “Since I can do no good because a woman, Reach constantly at something that is near it. —The Maid’s Tragedy: BEAUMONT AND FLETCHER.Miss Brooke had that kind of beauty…
PUBLISHED: July 1, 2013
LENGTH: 305 minutes (76321 words)

Love and Loss in a Small Texas Town

Kim and David Woodard’s house is 500 yards from the fertilizer plant that exploded on April 17. Their 9-year-old daughter, Dayla, was in this room when it happened. Photography by Elizabeth…
LENGTH: 4 minutes (1144 words)