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Longform's Best of 2011
Top 10 The Apostate Lawrence Wright • New Yorker Paul Haggis vs. the Church of Scientology. The Movie Set That Ate Itself Michael Idov • GQ Inside one of the wildest experiments in film…
Patti Smith: Family Life, Recent Loss, and New Album 'Gone Again'
Patti Smith in New York City. Catherine McGann/Getty Images She looks thin, frail, vulnerable. The hood of her sweat jacket is pulled up over her long, grayin
Author: David Fricke
Published: July 11, 1996
Length: 5 minutes (1412 words)
explore-blog: Gay Talese’s outline for the 1966...
explore-blog: Gay Talese’s outline for the 1966 classic Frank Sinatra Has a Cold, one of the best long-form magazine pieces ever penned, written on a shirt board.  (↬ The…
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Rude Boys
On the 25th anniversary of "Licensed to Ill," an oral history of the birth of the Beastie Boys. "Then we were like, 'Oh, shit, we should get a D.J.! Like rap groups. They have a D.J.!' Nick Cooper knew about this guy Rick Rubin who went to NYU and would throw parties and had turntables. And a bubble machine. We were like, 'If we had a fucking D.J. and a fucking bubble machine, we’d be fucking killing it.'"
Author: Amos Barshad
Published: April 24, 2011
Length: 18 minutes (4516 words)
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