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There’s a Reason They Call Them ‘Crazy Ants’

The first time Mike the Hog-a-Nator noticed the ants, they were piled outside his cardiologist’s office. This was two summers ago, in Pearland, a suburb of Houston. There was a forbidding,…
PUBLISHED: Dec. 5, 2013
LENGTH: 18 minutes (4550 words)


The Trailhead Queen was dead. At first, there was no overt sign that her long life was ending: no fever, no spasms, no farewells. She simply sat on the floor of the royal chamber and died. As in…
PUBLISHED: Jan. 25, 2010
LENGTH: 24 minutes (6216 words)

Prince's Hot Rock: The Secret Life Of America's Sexiest One-Man Band

Prince on the cover of Rolling Stone. Richard Avedon
PUBLISHED: April 28, 1983
LENGTH: 5 minutes (1286 words)

Midnight in Dostoevsky

We were two sombre boys hunched in our coats, grim winter settling in. The college was at the edge of a small town way upstate, barely a town, maybe a hamlet, we said, or just a whistle stop, and we…
PUBLISHED: Nov. 30, 2009
LENGTH: 28 minutes (7165 words)

Long Night at Today

The knife springs open with a satisfying snap. Matt Lauer, the co-host of the Today show, turns it over in his hand, marveling at the blade. “Come to papa!” he says. Sitting at his…
AUTHOR:Joe Hagan
PUBLISHED: March 24, 2013
LENGTH: 3 minutes (838 words)

The Prison Problem

When Jerry enters the pizza place next to Boston’s Government Center, he shakes Bruce Western’s hand heartily. Jerry, who has served 25 years for armed robbery and aggravated rape, was…
LENGTH: 17 minutes (4332 words)

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Her Husband’s Hands

Her husband’s hands came home on a Friday. Rebecca had received word of the attack, which had claimed the lives of seven other soldiers in his unit and reduced three others to similar, minimal…
LENGTH: 23 minutes (5801 words)

Weekend Reading: The Royal Family, Domestic Violence, and Burning Man

I was halfway through Hilary Mantel’s London Review of Books essay about the royal family when I emailed it to several friends under the subject line “Is Hilary Mantel the best writer…
PUBLISHED: Feb. 16, 2013
LENGTH: 2 minutes (612 words)