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Rodolfo Walsh and the Struggle for Argentina

Operation Massacre Rodolfo Walsh, Daniella Gitlin (trans.) Seven Stories Press, $16.95 (paper) Rodolfo Walsh was a rare man of words and action, though by all accounts he struggled to reconcile the…
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Who Shot Valerie Finley?

Rodney Stanberry with his son Trevon, shortly before Rodney was sent to prison. / Courtesy of Denise Stanberry The call came into the Prichard Police Department at 11:20 on Monday morning. It was…
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Kevin Driscoll on To Save Everything, Click Here

Triptych image: Megan Cotts, "ECU"EVGENY MOROZOV IS DONE WITH THE INTERNET. In his latest book, To Save Everything, Click Here: The Folly of Technological Solutionism, Morozov dismantles the myth…
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Poetry Changed the World

JULY/AUGUST 2012 Injury and the Ethics of Reading Elaine ScarryDetail from Guillaume de Lorris and Jean de Meung’s Le Roman de la Rose, Paris, 1348 / Bodleian Libraries, Oxford What is the…
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Boston Review — Roger Boylan

“In those days, we imagined ourselves as being kept in some kind of holding pen, waiting to be released into our lives. And when that moment came, our lives—and time itself—would…
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2. Navigating Love and AutismAmy Harmon | New York Times | Dec. 26, 2011 | 21 minutes (5,446 words) Meeting a young couple, both autistic, who must work through the emotional and physical…

What's Hurting the Middle Class

On April 20, 2005, George W. Bush signed into law a bankruptcy bill that had been pending in Congress for eight years. The bill was written by credit-industry lobbyists, shopped to their friends in Congress, and supported by tens of millions of dollars in lobbying and campaign contributions. It might be dismissed as just one more piece of highly focused special-interest legislation except for the damaging vision of middle-class America that it reinforced: irresponsible people consumed by appetites for goods they don’t need, who think little of cost, and who would rather file for bankruptcy than repay their lawful debts.
PUBLISHED: Sept. 1, 2005
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Boston Review — glain.php

MAY/JUNE 2006 The Brotherhood How far will Egypt’s Islamists go? Stephen Glain The Egyptian city of al Minya clings to a bend in the Nile River about 220 kilometers south of Cairo. It is a…
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Boston Review — New Democracy Forum

ONLINE OCTOBER 1920, 2011 Libertarianism and Liberty Neil Gibbs / Flickr(cc)