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The Future of Moon Exploration, Lunar Colonies and Humanity

By Miriam Kramer, Staff Writer Date: 21 July 2014 Time: 07:01 AM ET NASA astronauts took this photo of Earth rising from lunar orbit during the Apollo 8 mission on Dec. 24, 1968. CREDIT: NASA A…
LENGTH: 11 minutes (2970 words)

The Turning Point: New Hope for the Climate

Former US Vice President Al Gore Anthony Harvey/Getty Images for Free The Children
PUBLISHED: June 18, 2014
LENGTH: 5 minutes (1466 words)

A Call for Help

Plucking a few events out of the vastness of the world and declaring them to be the news of the day is a mysterious and complicated project. Sometimes what’s news is inarguable—the outbreak of war, a…
PUBLISHED: March 10, 2014
LENGTH: 13 minutes (3270 words)

Oscar Night in Hollywood

Oscar winners Clair Trevor and Walter Huston, holding their statuettes, pose with last year's winners Edmund Gwenn, far left, and Celeste Holm at the 1948 Academy Awards presentations in Hollywood,…
PUBLISHED: March 1, 1948
LENGTH: 5 minutes (1316 words)

The Essence of the Japanese Mind: Haruki Murakami and the Nobel Prize -

 The trouble is, I don’t have a damn thing to do with anything fifty thousand years ago—or fifty thousand years from now, either. Nothing. Zip. What’s important is now. Who…
LENGTH: 11 minutes (2909 words)

The dark night returns for Neil Gaiman

On a sweltering July day at Jefferson High School in Bloomington, a lanky twentysomething walks out of the packed school auditorium with her friend. She hugs a book close to her chest and clutches a…
PUBLISHED: Aug. 20, 2013
LENGTH: 14 minutes (3536 words)

Anatomy of a Publisher

What makes a publishing house great? The easy answer is the consistency with which it produces books of value over a lengthy period of time. That would include in our day, beyond the obvious…
PUBLISHED: Aug. 12, 2013
LENGTH: 19 minutes (4964 words)

Post-Scarcity Economics by by Tom Streithorst

WE LIVE LIKE GODS, and we don’t even know it. We fly across oceans in airplanes, we eat tropical fruit in December, we have machines that sing us songs, clean our house, take pictures of Mars.…
LENGTH: 19 minutes (4822 words)

Michael Hastings Dead at 33 | Politics News

Click to Enlarge Michael Hastings
PUBLISHED: June 18, 2013
LENGTH: 3 minutes (921 words)