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Headless Functional Testing with Selenium and PhantomJS

Let’s build a system for performing functional tests on web applications, using Selenium and PhantomJS. The resulting system will allow us to write easy test scenarios in JavaScript, and test…
LENGTH: 6 minutes (1680 words)

Beware of broken glass: the media's double standard for women at the top

Here’s a theory: successful women are Rorschach tests. They acquire meaning that is completely divorced from the reality of who they are and what they believe and instead become symbols for…
SOURCE:The Verge
PUBLISHED: March 6, 2013
LENGTH: 6 minutes (1652 words)

Designing with context

Once, the internet was a parallel universe, quite separate to our own. Those who wished to cross the dimensional gap needed a wormhole. We called that wormhole a PC. The (double) click of a button…
PUBLISHED: Feb. 16, 2013
LENGTH: 26 minutes (6695 words)