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The Year We Found Goatse and Visited the KKK: The Best of Gawker's 2012 Longreads

Sometimes, instead of writing 40 words to go along with a viral Internet video, we write many words. Thousands of words, even. Since we do this somewhat frequently, those pieces can be easy to miss.…
LENGTH: 5 minutes (1378 words)

Born This Way: Sympathy and Science for Those Who Want to Have Sex With Children

It's not easy to listen to Terry talk about the time he had sex with a seven-year-old girl. But after his psychotherapist put us in touch, he agreed to lay it all out for me during a phone call and…
LENGTH: 13 minutes (3422 words)

11 Hours of Hell: The Time I was a Steve Jobs Movie Extra

Cord Jefferson The night before I'm supposed to pose as an extra in Jobs, the first biopic to begin filming in the wake of Apple icon Steve Jobs' untimely 2011 death, I stay out until 2 in the…
LENGTH: 9 minutes (2424 words)

Ask A Mormon! A Conversation

My friend Beau and I grew up together in Tucson, Arizona, where he was the quarterback of our high schools football team. Weve since traveled around Italy together, sipped wine and talked about…
PUBLISHED: Sept. 1, 2011
LENGTH: 14 minutes (3557 words)