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Paris and the Data Mind
The flâneur began in the 6th. Les Deux Magots—coffee—then next door to Café de Flore—hot chocolate. I cut southwest, along the edge of the Luxembourg Gardens, then down…
Author: Craig Mod
Length: 7 minutes (1959 words)
Lebbeus Woods, 1940-2012
[Image: "Lower Manhattan" (1999) by Lebbeus Woods, discussed extensively here]. Like many people, I was—and remain—devastated to have learned that architect Lebbeus Woods passed away…
Length: 7 minutes (1764 words)
Articles: Making Cents
I'm sure each generation of musicians feels they've lived through a time of tremendous change, but the shifts I've witnessed in my relatively short music career-- from morphing formats to dissolving…
Length: 6 minutes (1688 words)
Re-Framing The Critic for the 21st Century: Dramaturgy, Advocacy and Engagement | Culturebot
INTRODUCTION There has been a lot of talk about criticism lately asking what it is, why is it important, what is the difference between “good” criticism and “bad”…
Length: 23 minutes (5911 words)
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