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Technologies that we’ve lost – and the quest to find them again
Greek fire. Damascus steel. These are two technological innovations whose secrets are said to be lost to time. Even the original schematics for the Apollo missions have disappeared into the mists of…
Source: io9.com
Length: 9 minutes (2491 words)
Why does Edgar Rice Burroughs still matter?
The transition of American culture from one that emphasizes printed material to one that emphasizes visual material has had many effects, positive and negative. One of these effects, one that would…
Source: io9.com
Length: 6 minutes (1726 words)
Bear McCreary reveals the physics behind your favorite science fiction theme tunes
Source: io9.com
Length: 8 minutes (2042 words)
The Short, Strange History of Decimal Time
For thousands of years, we've divided days into 24 hours, hours into 60 minutes, and minutes into 60 seconds. But why do we have to do that? Here's the story of the one gloriously failed attempt to…
Source: io9.com
Length: 7 minutes (1818 words)
Put some pop into Jawi
Young people say that they would be interested in Jawi if it is fun and cool, or come in useful later. PICK me”, “I love you” and “Forever yours” all common signs at…
Published: Feb. 19, 2012
Length: 8 minutes (2021 words)
What the deep seas tell us about life on other planets
We tend to stereotype extraterrestrial life as little green men, but there are much more instructive examples of alien weirdness right under our oceans. In the following article, Dr. Craig McClain…
Source: io9.com
Length: 8 minutes (2108 words)
Is The Legend of Korra anti-science?
The long-awaited Avatar: The Last Airbender sequel series is set to debut next month. It follows the new avatar as she takes on the Equalists, an anti-bending faction. And I just have one small…
Source: io9.com
Length: 5 minutes (1386 words)
SimCity Is More Expansive and Detailed Than Ever, Yet Remarkably True to Its Roots
SimCity has always been a game that is viewed from two distances—up close and far away. You would start with the camera zoomed out, able to see the entirety of your creation; a city or cities…
Source: Kotaku
Length: 7 minutes (1881 words)
XNA is synthetic DNA that's stronger than the real thing
New research has brought us closer than ever to synthesizing entirely new forms of life. An international team of researchers has shown that artificial nucleic acids - called "XNAs" - can replicate…
Source: io9.com
Length: 6 minutes (1524 words)
Optimistic Visions of the World After the Oil Runs Out
Our whole economy and way of life is based on the idea of cheap petroleum. So what happens when the oil starts to run out? Most scenarios assume that it will be catastrophic — rioting in the…
Source: io9.com
Length: 8 minutes (2021 words)
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