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The Emanations of Shiva
I have a friend named Anthony who studied calligraphy in China. On the last day of class, before handing out certificates, the calligraphy master gave a very earnest and insult-ridden speech during…
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Length: 4 minutes (1048 words)
The Mysteries of the Teacher
Vissarion (aka Sergey Anatolyevitch Torop, aka the Teacher), founder of the Church of the Last Testament. Ten hours into my first trip to Russia I catch an express train back to the airport.…
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Length: 4 minutes (1093 words)
The Wonderful Asshole
Stuff By Benjamin Shapiro, Portrait by Richard Kern Archival Photos Courtesy of New York University’s Fales Library and Special Collections I never really thought I’d end up writing…
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Length: 2 minutes (589 words)
Cruising for a Bruising
News By Alex Miller A few months ago I wrote a long, serious article about violent crime on cruise ships and how the cruise companies themselves allegedly cover up the crimes. Then the bloody…
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Length: 1 minutes (374 words)
Peeling Oniontown
Travel By Aaron Lake Smith, Photos by Nadia Shira Cohen A young man angrily kicks one of the many piles of trash that are strewn about Oniontown. There are certain places that, by their very nature,…
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Length: 2 minutes (585 words)
If You Build It, They Will Cum
NSFW By John Michaels In the spring of 2010, the recession, marching across the land like a zombie army, flushed me from the tenuous life I had cobbled together in LA. Suddenly jobless, and…
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Length: 2 minutes (606 words)
Once Upon a Time in Almería
Photos by Salvi DanésTranslated by Paul Geddis Like almost all the residents of the village of Los Albaricoques, José Ruíz played a Mexican in Sergio Leone’s For a Few…
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Length: 3 minutes (942 words)
The Twitch | VICE
Illustrations by Winston Smith “Rattler Round-Up”  © Winston Smith,  2012 I’m one of those assholes at the airport who slaloms past you on a beeping golf cart. The…
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Length: 1 minutes (488 words)
The Poet
Illustrations by Sammy Harkham The poet and his wife were young, and they were just married.  They had an apartment near a grocery store and a post office. The poet walked most everywhere. The…
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Length: 15 minutes (3970 words)
"Jeff" (Andrew II): A Dialogue of Texts in the Second Year of Drugs and Kindness
Below is the second installment of Tao Lin and Giancarlo DiTrapano's texting history that began during the summer of 2011 with the infamous, ground-breaking "Andrew," which has been hailed as both…
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Length: 22 minutes (5611 words)
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