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It's Time For Me To Be A PC Gamer Again
People become gamers by accident, usually when they're young. A school-friend's console turns them into one. Or a parent hands them their first controller. It happens naturally. But being a PC…
Source: Kotaku
Length: 9 minutes (2310 words)
Torchlight II
Click, kill, loot, level up. Click, kill, loot, level up. Loot, sell, re-equip. Rinse, repeat. Your weapons get more powerful as your enemies get more difficult, and the goalposts move, and move, and…
Source: Kotaku
Length: 8 minutes (2205 words)
Indiana Jones Retrospective: An Appreciation of Perfection
On New Year’s Eve, many years ago, my Dad came downstairs to our TV room after going on a food run. Under his arm was a yellow VHS box set containing three films. The box, and the cases of the…
Length: 11 minutes (2944 words)
James Bond Retrospective: Die Another Day (2002)
To mark the 50th Anniversary of one of the most successful movie franchises of all time and with James Bond’s 23rd official outing in Skyfall due for release next month, I have been tasked…
Length: 2 minutes (726 words)
Kurkjian: Pitchers getting hit by batted balls
Brandon McCarthy is out of the hospital, he's at home, and his exceptionally clever and funny tweets suggest that he's going to be all right. Still, keep praying.On Sept. 5, McCarthy was hit by a…
Source: espn.go.com
Published: Sept. 18, 2012
Length: 11 minutes (2929 words)
You Are Not a Switch
Illustration by Laura Terry. Some years ago I visited the Tate Modern in London with my young son. Then aged 5, he had lately been drawing pictures of a fantastical nature, so as we approached the…
Published: Oct. 5, 2012
Length: 8 minutes (2129 words)
iPad mini: rounding up the rumors
If there were ever any lingering doubt that we're no longer in the era of Apple launching each new product under an opaque veil of secrecy, last month's iPhone 5 announcement swept it away for good.…
Author: Sam Byford
Source: The Verge
Published: Oct. 9, 2012
Length: 6 minutes (1679 words)
How Digital Monitoring Tools are Changing Journalism
HBO’s “The Newsroom.” Image courtesy of Melissa Moseley/HBO. Last night, I finally watched the first few episodes of Aaron Sorkin’s “The Newsroom,” and…
Published: Oct. 8, 2012
Length: 6 minutes (1659 words)
James Harden, the Thunder, and the end of something awesome
The James Harden trade rocked the NBA out of nowhere Saturday night, and while we pick up the pieces, only one thing is certain: the Thunder's future just got a lot more complicated. Here's the…
Author: Andrew Sharp
Published: Oct. 28, 2012
Length: 8 minutes (2133 words)
Programming your body: Lance Armstrong and doping technology
By now it's widely known that Lance Armstrong finally admitted to doping in an interview with Oprah Winfrey that will air tonight and tomorrow. Armstrong's confession is notable in part because no…
Author: Tim Carmody
Source: The Verge
Published: Jan. 17, 2013
Length: 8 minutes (2136 words)
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