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Inside the National Suicide Hotline: Preventing the Next Tragedy

Instead, she was a tourist wanting Hines to take her picture. The look of desperation on his face apparently didn’t register. Elation crumpled into despair. “Nobody cares,” he…
PUBLISHED: Sept. 13, 2013
LENGTH: 17 minutes (4456 words)

Messi and Neymar

New Barcelona teammates Lionel Messi and Neymar da Silva Santos are all smiles now, but for how long? Photo by Quique Garcia/AFP/Getty Images "Messi is the best player in the world and I am here to…
AUTHOR:Ken Early
PUBLISHED: Aug. 28, 2013
LENGTH: 14 minutes (3544 words)

First Lost, Then Murdered

Crime-scene tape marks off an area where the bodies of four women, including Melissa Barthelemy, were found along a quarter-mile stretch of beachside road in December 2010 in Babylon, N.Y. Photo by…
PUBLISHED: July 9, 2013
LENGTH: 14 minutes (3535 words)

How A War Hero Became A Serial Bank Robber

Around 11:45 on the morning of Saturday, April 23, 2011, a young man wearing sunglasses and a blue hoodie walked into a U.S. Bank in Lyndhurst, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland. His name was Nicholas…
PUBLISHED: May 31, 2013
LENGTH: 33 minutes (8341 words)

When Does Plastic Surgery Become Racial Transformation?

Image by Abbie Trayler-Smith/Buzzfeed Leo Jiang won't tell me why he spent the pas
PUBLISHED: May 17, 2013
LENGTH: 13 minutes (3463 words)

The Short Flight Of El Pájaro, The Cuban Legend Who Played His Only Game In The Major Leagues 100 Years Ago Today

No one knows anymore what the A in Alfredo A. Cabrera's name stands for. We do know he most likely sailed from the Canary Islands to Cuba around 1900, as a teenager, and almost immediately…
PUBLISHED: May 17, 2013
LENGTH: 18 minutes (4686 words)

Why Did Jodon Romero Kill Himself On Live Television?

Image by John Gara/Buzzfeed Friday, Sept. 28, 2012Denny's, 75th Avenue and Interstate 10, Phoenix, about 10:45 a.m.No one knows for sure how long Jodon Romero
PUBLISHED: May 10, 2013
LENGTH: 19 minutes (4974 words)

Deep Inside The Biggest Little Dildo Factory In America

The chaotic space of the main production floor looks like a meth cook's dream: a battery of industrial-sized vats standing as they swirl and pump 100,000 pounds of synthesized chemicals into the…
PUBLISHED: May 3, 2013
LENGTH: 14 minutes (3667 words)

I Read Everything Janet Malcolm Ever Published

Author Janet Malcolm Photo by Kevin Sturman The most exciting-to-read works of journalism often betray little evidence of how tedious they were to report. Baroque murder trials come with thousands of…
PUBLISHED: May 3, 2013
LENGTH: 11 minutes (2834 words)