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The Murder Case of Anthony Smith, Former Oakland Raider: Profiles: GQ

On a cool, drizzly February night in 2003, at one thirty or so in the morning, a police officer cruising down Lincoln Boulevard in Santa Monica spot
LENGTH: 3 minutes (967 words)

Sports' culture of intoxication

Beer probably started as a way to productively use old bread, and soon gained religious and cultural significance. Chang is a Tibetan beer and Chicha is a corn beer and kumis is a drink produced from…
LENGTH: 5 minutes (1400 words)

The future is already here: How the Pistol Offense is changing the NFL

I watched a good football game the other day. One team built a big lead over the other with a dizzying array of strategies: shifts, motions, multiple formations, and even read-option plays, where the…
PUBLISHED: Dec. 27, 2012
LENGTH: 12 minutes (3212 words)