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No Safe Place
"SOMEBODY'S TAKEN CARLOS. Ana couldnt quite believe what her cousin had just told her over the phone. How could it be true? Ana had been preparing her three young children for bed. The maid was…
Length: 15 minutes (3937 words)
For God's Sake
On a drizzly, gray November day, the First Federated Church in Des Moines looked particularly formidable. The mega-church is a gigantic brick building, a converted high school that dominates the…
Length: 12 minutes (3239 words)
Courts Ease Homecoming for Troubled Vets
Length: 11 minutes (2844 words)
We're Not Gonna Take It
All is not well in Texas schools. After billions in cuts and tens of thousands of teachers laid off, students now cram into overcrowded classrooms across the state. Field trips are canceled, and…
Length: 13 minutes (3330 words)
The Deadliest Place In Mexico
To reach the deadliest place in Mexico you take Carretera Federal 2, a well-paved stretch of highway that begins at the outskirts of Juarez, east for 50 miles along the Rio Grande, passing through…
Length: 34 minutes (8658 words)
The Straight & Narrow Minded
It started with good intentions. Before the hate mail began rolling in from across the country, before the pastor had his church vans vandalized and manure dumped in his parking spot, before the…
Length: 12 minutes (3207 words)
Life On the List
When Josh Gravens was 12 years old, he made a terrible mistake. He and his sister, who was 8, had sexual contact, twice. “Like, where my body part touched her body part,” he says.…
Length: 25 minutes (6318 words)
The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow
Bill Sinkin has a knack for being ahead of his time. Fifty years ago, he headed the committee that brought HemisFair to San Antonio, the 1968 world fair that put the city on the map. It’s been…
Length: 14 minutes (3543 words)
Saving the Mint
The first time Priscilla Swafford heard about the community center, she didn’t believe it. She was standing in her apartment. There was a knock on the door. When she opened it, there were two…
Length: 12 minutes (3192 words)
Red River Justice
The law caught up with Rhonda Lesher on a quiet Monday afternoon in April 2008. She was doing the books at Unique Touch, the hair salon and day spa she owned in the small northeast Texas town of…
Length: 18 minutes (4527 words)
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