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The Decline of Wikipedia

The sixth most widely used website in the world is not run anything like the others in the top 10. It is not operated by a sophisticated corporation but by a leaderless collection of volunteers who…
LENGTH: 14 minutes (3649 words)

My Life With the Thrill-Clit Cult

What is the secret to unlocking your personal potential and creating a more harmonious society? A San Francisco company says you can find it between every woman's legs. Gawker's Nitasha Tiku…
PUBLISHED: Oct. 16, 2013
LENGTH: 32 minutes (8129 words)

The Child Exchange

There is one potential safeguard: an agreement among the 50 U.S. states, the District of Columbia and the U.S. Virgin Islands called the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children, or ICPC. The…
LENGTH: 12 minutes (3069 words)

All LinkedIn with Nowhere to Go

In a jobs economy that has become something of a grim joke, nothing seems quite so bleak as the digital job seeker’s all-but-obligatory LinkedIn account. In the decade since the site launched…
LENGTH: 15 minutes (3998 words)


Ryan Farkas ‏

Sunday Reading

Horse_ebooks: T.F. Charlton:If you only knew what her full wingspan is. All things sports:
LENGTH: 2 minutes (512 words)

Bizarre 'Attribution' Troll Bullies Twitter Users Into Compliance With Baseless Legal Threats

My apologies ahead of time for the length of this piece, but anything shorter wouldn't do the subject justice. I will, however, provide plenty of pictures and blockquotes. This post deals with a…
PUBLISHED: Feb. 11, 2013
LENGTH: 13 minutes (3497 words)

Baseball ProGUESTus

February 26, 2013 by Eric Knott Most of our writers didn't enter the world sporting an address; with a few exceptions, they started out somewhere else. In an effort…
AUTHOR:Eric Knott
LENGTH: 24 minutes (6009 words)

PlayStation 4: A Videogame Console

Today, the most novel feature of new technology is ordinariness.Alexis MadrigalThe logo for the Dutch videogame studio Guerilla Games is an object lesson in mixed metaphor: an orange "G" contorted…
AUTHOR:Ian Bogost
PUBLISHED: Feb. 22, 2013
LENGTH: 9 minutes (2343 words)