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Time of Indifference

During the cholera epidemic of 1849, Henry Mayhew, the great observer of London life, visited the district of Bermondsey south of the Thames. He wrote that the river water the residents drank and…
PUBLISHED: April 12, 2001
LENGTH: 26 minutes (6628 words)

The Daily Beast Picks for March 10, 2012

We Can Live With a Nuclear Iran
 Paul Pillar, Washington Monthly Fears of a bomb in Tehran’s hands are overhyped, and a war to prevent it would be a disaster. The Siege of Sept.…
PUBLISHED: March 9, 2012

Capital by John Lanchester

Over its history, almost everything that could have happened in Pepys Road, in south London, had happened. Many, many people had fallen in love and out of love; a young girl had had her…
PUBLISHED: Feb. 17, 2012
LENGTH: 23 minutes (5790 words)

A Guide to the Digital Advertising Industry That's Watching Your Every Click

In this excerpt from his new book, The Daily You, University of Pennsylvania professor Joseph Turow takes you on a tour of the industry that's trafficking in the data you generate every day on the…
LENGTH: 15 minutes (3791 words)