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My Life with Piper: From Big House to Small Screen

I was 29 years old and living the dream, or at least my version of it, when everything changed. I was in love with an amazing woman and had a rent-controlled sublet in New York City’s West…
PUBLISHED: July 15, 2014
LENGTH: 39 minutes (9958 words)

Lance Armstrong in Purgatory: The After-Life

By Joe Pugliese Published in the August 2014 issue Here in purgatory, the mansion is smaller, but the wine cellar, paneled in rich mahogany and stocked with thousands of bottles, is truly…
LENGTH: 33 minutes (8321 words)

Kara Swisher: Tech's Most Powerful Snoop

Kara Swisher, center, talks with Jane Metcalfe, co-founder of Wired magazine, at a Fourth of July party in San Francisco.Photo: Bill McCulloughThe technology journalist Kara Swisher likes to call…
PUBLISHED: July 15, 2014
LENGTH: 19 minutes (4952 words)

Wrong Answer

One afternoon in the spring of 2006, Damany Lewis, a math teacher at Parks Middle School, in Atlanta, unlocked the room where standardized tests were kept. It was the week before his students took…
PUBLISHED: July 21, 2014
LENGTH: 3 minutes (959 words)

Jahar's World

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the cover of Rolling Stone. Illustration by Sean McCabe
PUBLISHED: July 17, 2013
LENGTH: 7 minutes (1888 words)

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How we end up marrying the wrong people

Anyone we could marry would, of course, be a little wrong for us. It is wise to be appropriately pessimistic here. Perfection is not on the cards. Unhappiness is a constant. Nevertheless, one…
LENGTH: 13 minutes (3255 words)

Shut up and spend: inside the electronic music money machine

There was a time, not many years ago, when people used to ask each other what type of music they liked as a way of finding common ground. Genres meant something! You would walk into a record store…
SOURCE:The Verge
PUBLISHED: July 1, 2014
LENGTH: 10 minutes (2602 words)

The Power of Two

In the fall of 1966, during a stretch of nine weeks away from the Beatles, John Lennon wrote a song. He was in rural Spain at the time, on the set of a movie called How I Won the War, but the lyrics…
LENGTH: 15 minutes (3951 words)