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Apple, Samsung, Google and the smartphone patent wars - everything you need to know

Google chairman Eric Schmidt: said he "doesn't understand all the details" of the smartphone patent fights. Photograph: Antoine Antoniol/Getty Images Following Eric Schmidt's remark to Kara Swisher…
PUBLISHED: Oct. 22, 2012
LENGTH: 33 minutes (8407 words)

7 Things You Won't Believe Science Says Make You Happy

You can find plenty of articles in magazines or on the Internet with tips for living a happier, more fulfilling life. Things like "exercise" and "be an understanding spouse" are all time-honored ways…
PUBLISHED: Sept. 25, 2012
LENGTH: 6 minutes (1640 words)

Death Becomes Me

The first time I died, I was twelve years old.My friend, Peter Archambault, and I were riding our bikes on Ascension Street in Blackstone, Massachusetts, when we decided to toss our bikes over a…
LENGTH: 15 minutes (3969 words)