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Cyber and Drone Attacks May Change Warfare More Than the Machine Gun

The new look of drone-enabled war. Reuters.From state-sponsored cyber attacks to autonomous robotic weapons, twenty-first century war is increasingly disembodied. Our wars are being fought in the…
LENGTH: 11 minutes (2864 words) / Twitter

Twitter uses the domain as part of a service to protect users from harmful activity, to provide value for the developer ecosystem, and as a quality signal for surfacing relevant, interesting…

Myanmar declares war on opium

TAR PU VILLAGE, Shan State, Myanmar (Reuters) - In Myanmar's new war on drugs, meet the weapon of mass destruction: the weed-whacker. Its two-stroke engine spins a metal blade, which is more…
PUBLISHED: Feb. 21, 2012
LENGTH: 10 minutes (2689 words)

Homs, city of torture

In Bashar al-Assad's Syria, it is not just forbidden to speak, demonstrate and protest: it is also forbidden both to give medical treatment, and to receive treatment yourself. Since the beginning of…
PUBLISHED: Feb. 20, 2012
LENGTH: 7 minutes (1868 words)

the most destructive attack on the internet

Even though it has become a part of daily life, the internet itself remains a cloudy idea to most people. It's nebulous in a deeper way than previous leaps in home technology. Take the radio.…
PUBLISHED: Feb. 19, 2012
LENGTH: 12 minutes (3001 words)

What Does It Mean To Be Human? A Historical Perspective 1800-2011

09 DECEMBER, 2011 by Maria Popova What Aristotle has to do with the women’s suffrage movement, Darwin, and M. C. Escher. Last year, we explored what it means to be human from the perspectives…
PUBLISHED: Dec. 9, 2011
LENGTH: 5 minutes (1485 words)

The Man Behind Pakistani Spy Agency's Plot to Influence Washington

Syed Ghulam Nabi Fai came to the U.S. on Saudi money with hopes of helping people in the disputed Indian territory of Kashmir. But he found himself spending millions on behalf of…
PUBLISHED: Oct. 3, 2011
LENGTH: 4 minutes (1244 words)

Africa’s Dirty Wars

Warfare in Independent Africa by William Reno Cambridge University Press, 271 pp., $27.99 (paper)
PUBLISHED: March 8, 2012
LENGTH: 2 minutes (520 words)