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$40 billion missile defense system proves unreliable

With a convulsive rumble, followed by billowing flames and exhaust, a sleek 60-foot rocket emerged from its silo at California's Vandenberg Air Force Base.It was a test of the backbone of the…
PUBLISHED: June 15, 2014
LENGTH: 15 minutes (3788 words)

Coming up for air - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

When the Games rolled around once more, there would be another challenge to Perkins's claim for three gold medals at three successive Olympics. But this challenge would prove to be an unstoppable…
LENGTH: 3 minutes (762 words)

Nicky Crane: The secret double life of a gay neo-Nazi

Continue reading the main story He was the British extreme right's most feared streetfighter. But almost right up to his death 20 years ago, Nicky Crane led a precarious dual existence - until it…
AUTHOR:Jon Kelly
PUBLISHED: Dec. 5, 2013
LENGTH: 23 minutes (5805 words)

They're Watching You at Work

In 2003, thanks to Michael Lewis and his best seller Moneyball, the general manager of the Oakland A’s, Billy Beane, became a star. The previous year, Beane had turned his back on his scouts and had…
PUBLISHED: Nov. 20, 2013
LENGTH: 34 minutes (8610 words)

Friends Without Benefits

HOMEThis year, 81 percent of Internet-using teenagers in America reported that they are active on social-networking sites, more than ever before. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and new dating apps…
PUBLISHED: Sept. 26, 2013
LENGTH: 27 minutes (6792 words)

How Poverty Taxes the Brain

Shutterstock Human mental bandwidth is finite. You’ve probably experienced this before (though maybe not in those terms): When you’re lost in concentration trying to solve a problem…
PUBLISHED: Aug. 29, 2013
LENGTH: 5 minutes (1289 words)

Killing Julia: how Kevin Rudd got even

PUBLISHED: MINUTES AGO | UPDATE: MINUTES AGO PUBLISHED: 24 Aug 2013 PRINT EDITION: 24 Aug 2013 The scene was straight out of Game of Thrones. While a confident Julia Gillard was addressing the…

Kevin Rudd’s unrelenting campaign to regain power

Still ready to serve: Rudd’s backers refuse to give up agitating for his return © Andrew Taylor/Fairfax Syndication When I say to my parliamentary colleagues and to the people at large…
LENGTH: 18 minutes (4727 words)

Review of 50 Brooklyn Murder Cases Ordered

Louis Scarcella, a retired Brooklyn detective, relied on a crack cocaine addict as a crucial witness in several homicide cases. The Brooklyn district attorney’s office has ordered a review of…
PUBLISHED: May 11, 2013
LENGTH: 10 minutes (2579 words)