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Generation atheist! Millennials to religion — get out of politics

The Changing Demography of NonbeliefIn American society today more than 93% of adults say they believe in God or a higher power, and about 38% say they attend religious services weekly. Among the…
PUBLISHED: Nov. 4, 2013
LENGTH: 19 minutes (4997 words)

Why Are There Still So Few Women in Science?

At the Solvay Conference on Physics in 1927, the only woman in attendance was Marie Curie (bottom row, third from left). Last summer, researchers at Yale published a study proving that physicists,…
PUBLISHED: Oct. 3, 2013
LENGTH: 32 minutes (8202 words)

“I Was a Nazi, and Here’s Why”

In recent years, many victims of violence have written memoirs in which they seek out and confront the perpetrators who harmed them. The opposite is rare. Few perpetrators seek out their victims, let…
PUBLISHED: May 29, 2013
LENGTH: 10 minutes (2525 words)


Funny how often we automatically assume that long-standing, famous couples must be deeply devoted, madly in love, and happier than a couple of pigs in slop. Sometimes, like in the case of Salavador…
PUBLISHED: April 17, 2013
LENGTH: 17 minutes (4474 words)

Cleopatra's Daughter

While Antony and Cleopatra have been immortalised in history and in popular culture, their offspring have been all but forgotten. Yet their daughter, Cleopatra Selene, became an important ruler in…
PUBLISHED: March 18, 2013
LENGTH: 13 minutes (3494 words)

Long After the Storm: The Ongoing Struggle to Rebuild New Orleans

Wednesday, December 26, 2012 By Adventure Lab Planting bulrush in Bayou Sauvage. Photo: Joe Spring It's been seven years since Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, killing more than 1,800 people and…
LENGTH: 11 minutes (2971 words)

How the Tree Frog Has Redefined Our View of Biology

Karen Warkentin, wearing tall olive-green rubber boots, stands on the bank of a concrete-lined pond at the edge of the Panamanian rainforest. She pulls on a broad green leaf still attached to a…
LENGTH: 27 minutes (6829 words)

Growing food in the desert: is this the solution to the world's food crisis?

Desert blooms: Philipp Saumweber, the founder and CEO of Sundrop, with a tray of his “perfect” produce. Photograph: Jonathan Margolis for the Observer The scrubby desert outside Port Augusta, three…
PUBLISHED: Nov. 24, 2012
LENGTH: 12 minutes (3037 words)

Leonard Cohen's hallelujah moment

It was a cold grey morning and starting to rain when Leonard Cohen walked down Hampstead High Street, clutching a suitcase and an address. It was just before Christmas 1959 and the windows of the…
PUBLISHED: Oct. 26, 2012
LENGTH: 19 minutes (4801 words)