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The Surge

Polio, because there’s an effective vaccine for it and because it’s restricted to humans, also looked like a promising target. By 1988, when WHO and a coalition of governments decided…
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The air smells faintly of salt water, and strongly of bonfires, diesel fuel, and weed. Seagulls squawk, the sky on the horizon is just turning green, and the air is cold in that prankish West Coast…
PUBLISHED: Oct. 9, 2013
LENGTH: 15 minutes (3762 words)

If He Hollers Let Him Go

Although the city of Dayton is small and has been hit hard by the decline of industry, in Xenia and Yellow Springs the land is green, fecund, and alive, even in the relentless heat of summer. Xenia…
PUBLISHED: Oct. 1, 2013
LENGTH: 36 minutes (9228 words)

Iran Surprises Itself and the World

In 2013, nearly a quarter century after Rafsanjani's first election to the presidency—literally a lifetime in a country where two-thirds of the population is below the age of 30—the…
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17 Personal Essays That Will Change Your Life

1. “Goodbye To All That” – Joan Didion
PUBLISHED: Aug. 26, 2013
LENGTH: 5 minutes (1401 words)

How Glenn Greenwald Became Glenn Greenwald

Before Glenn Greenwald was the journalist who broke and defended the most important story of 2013, he was many other things: an underage South Florida politician, a lawyer at a high-powered corporate…
PUBLISHED: June 27, 2013
LENGTH: 11 minutes (2954 words)

All politics is local

Article — From the February 2012 issue By Daniel Alarcón Download P

Libor Lies Revealed in Rigging of $300 Trillion Benchmark

Every morning, from his desk by the bathroom at the far end of Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc’s trading floor overlooking London’s Liverpool Street station, Paul White punched a…
PUBLISHED: Jan. 28, 2013
LENGTH: 17 minutes (4378 words)

» BGS: The Best-Kept Secret in American Journalism is Murray Kempton Bronx Banter

Let’s stick with Mr. Kempton, shall we? Here’s a wonderful portrait of Kempton by David Owen. It originally appeared in the March 1982 issue of Esquire and is reprinted here with the…
AUTHOR:Alex Belth
PUBLISHED: Dec. 7, 2012
LENGTH: 27 minutes (6790 words)