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A miracle put on ice: Four years after the 'Miracle on Ice', the 1984 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team never had a chance

This is the tale of a team you don't care about. Admittedly, it's an unconventional way to kick off a story. But the sentiment is true. Unless you're some sort of hockey savant, and your walls are…
LENGTH: 30 minutes (7513 words)

The only game in town: 8-man football is a way of life in Eastern Montana, where small towns fight to survive

On a recent Saturday afternoon, 12 miles from the Canadian border, the hometown Scobey Spartans prepared to kick off to the Wibaux Longhorns in an 8-man high school football game. The Spartans were…
PUBLISHED: Dec. 10, 2013
LENGTH: 22 minutes (5690 words)

Over the edge

Cody Adams takes a drag off his cigarette, and looks over at Andy Smith. "You scared yet?" he asks. "Definitely scared," Smith tells him. "I'm trying to convince myself that I'm not." "It's good to…
LENGTH: 24 minutes (6147 words)

Andre Dawkins has a story: And the Duke guard would rather not talk about it

I'm driving east on U.S. 264, headed home from Duke University's Cameron Indoor Stadium. Clouds cover the setting sun behind me. I feel like I need a shower. I just interviewed a kid who didn't want…
PUBLISHED: Oct. 31, 2013
LENGTH: 27 minutes (6987 words)


We created EepURL as a trackable shortening service for MailChimp's built-in twitter integration. At the time, we opened it up to the public, because we felt there weren't enough monkey-based URL…

Sir Bam Bam: The space-traveling knight who speaks five languages, is a failed phenom-turned hitting guru and may be the future of big league managing

There are 23 large iron lamps affixed to the ceiling. The tints of neon light they throw down into the indoor batting cage, a concrete room tucked deep into the guts of Yankee Stadium, vary according…
LENGTH: 22 minutes (5614 words)

The DIII revolution: How America's most violent sport may be saving liberal arts colleges

Casey Caton never figured he'd play a starring role in securing college football's longest two-game winning streak. An all-conference wide receiver coming out of Rogers High School (Ark.), Caton…
LENGTH: 21 minutes (5430 words)

National Sports Journalism Center

Myth: The current mode of sports journalism is limited to 140-character snarky sound bites. It’s all fast food consumed by people with shockingly short attention spans. Reality: The long-form…
LENGTH: 2 minutes (747 words)

Perfecting the formula: How Eagles coach Chip Kelly used New Hampshire as his laboratory to create one of football's most prolific offenses

Stay connected with SB Nation Follow @sbnation The play call surprised nobody on the University of New Hampshire sideline. Not the head coach, not the quarterback, and definitely not the receiver who…
LENGTH: 18 minutes (4692 words)