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Lance Armstrong in Purgatory: The After-Life

Published in the August 2014 issue Here in purgatory, the mansion is smaller, but the wine cellar, paneled in rich mahogany and stocked with thousands of bottles, is truly magnificent. The TV will go…
LENGTH: 33 minutes (8328 words)

The Myth of the Alpha Male

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Scott Barry Kaufman. There are a lot of false dichotomies out there — left brain vs. right brain, nature vs. nurture, etc. But one really…
PUBLISHED: July 7, 2014
LENGTH: 11 minutes (2958 words)


In December 2013, a hoax began circulating on the internet claiming that Pope Francis had called a Third Vatican Council that, among other things, purged a literal hell from Catholic doctrine.…
LENGTH: 11 minutes (2965 words)

Why We Play: Doing what we love, despite the risks

I can still hear the quick crunch of his vertebrae cracking. That's the meddling of hindsight, of course — he was too far away, out in the middle of the night-dark field, and there were too…
LENGTH: 20 minutes (5138 words)

The Most Nerve-Wracking Birth Story You'll Read

Denver was buried by a blizzard, and the snow whipped up into my face as I walked against the wind outside the hotel across from the hospital. It was nine at night; my wife was three months pregnant…
LENGTH: 13 minutes (3475 words)

Why Being a Dad Is One of the Hardest Things Any Man Will Ever Do

“All of them told us their stories, and behind each of these stories looms the shadow of that formidable father, a stern, arrogant, and violent man, whose voice alone made Adolf cringe, and who…
LENGTH: 12 minutes (3157 words)

“I Would Only Rob Banks for My Family”

Just after sunrise on the morning of August 9, 2012, in the Houston suburb of Katy, Scott Catt, a fifty-year-old structural engineer, was awakened by the buzzing of his alarm clock in the master…
PUBLISHED: May 21, 2014
LENGTH: 3 minutes (997 words)

Can’t Buy Me Love: How Romance Wrecked Traditional Marriage

Despite the fondness among certain politicians and pundits for “traditional marriage,” a nostalgic-sounding concept that conjures a soft-focus Polaroid of grandma and grandpa, few…
LENGTH: 12 minutes (3089 words)

Rude Awakening

In Colorado and nationwide, girls are starting puberty earlier and earlier. But the real concerns begin once they grow up. Im dying. I’m dying. I’m dying.I kept repeating the words as I…
LENGTH: 6 minutes (1619 words)