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The Americas' Team: The Tijuana Xolos bridge the gap between Mexico and America
Not so long ago, crossing the border between San Diego and Tijuana wasn’t much of a hassle. Although Mexicans would always complain that border guards were a bit too aggressive in searching…
Length: 22 minutes (5549 words)
The greatest game: Eli, Brady, the Catch, and the American Aftermath
A lot of us have to deal with highs and lows as part of our everyday serving of whup-ass, when it comes to what life is handing us, and those of us who are parents are on a particular kind of roller…
Length: 16 minutes (4025 words)
When the final score doesn't matter: How prop bets changed the way we gamble on the Super Bowl
In the late 1980s, Jay Kornegay was new to Las Vegas, and just learning the ropes at the Imperial Palace sportsbook. Unlike the founding sportsbook bookmakers such as Vaccaro and Reizner, Kornegay…
Length: 4 minutes (1228 words)
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