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Precious Memories

BILL GUTHRIDGE, his oldest friend, has the office next door. They've known each other 60-some years; in the early '50s, when Dean was a backup guard at Kansas, he briefly dated Guthridge's sister.…
LENGTH: 10 minutes (2566 words)

Legendary writer Richard Ben Cramer couldn't crack Alex Rodriguez |

Once PED allegations emerged, writer Richard Ben Cramer could no longer get close to Alex Rodriguez. This story appears in the the January, 20, 2014 issue of Sports Illustrated. You can subscribe to…
PUBLISHED: Jan. 16, 2014
LENGTH: 24 minutes (6240 words)

Can a flamboyant business magnate from Hong Kong create the world's glitziest gambling haven?

Dec. 12, 2013 10:44 a.m. ET OUTSIDE HONG KONG'S HISTORIC Peninsula Hotel one recent weekday afternoon, two men compare their Bentleys. A gun-metal gray edition with the license plate "Iron Man" looks…
LENGTH: 12 minutes (3031 words)

OTL: Portrait of a Rescue

Chad Clements walked into a pub in Hoboken, N.J., late on the afternoon of the marathon with his laptop, intending to catch up on some work before he met with a friend. He was the only person in the…
LENGTH: 8 minutes (2114 words)


Who is the author of a life’s story? Who gets to decide who you were, after you’re gone? Patrick Byrne sits on a couch in a room at the Fairmount Hotel in Phoenix in June 2013. He is…
LENGTH: 5 minutes (1258 words)

My Life As a Young Thug

(Photo: From left, Peter Hapak; Courtesy of Steve Lott) We were beefing with these guys called the Puma Boys. It was 1976, and I lived in Brownsville, Brooklyn, and these guys were from my…
AUTHOR:Mike Tyson
PUBLISHED: Oct. 20, 2013
LENGTH: 3 minutes (955 words)

OTL: The Marathon of Their Lives

The collision between life and death at the Chicago Marathon was set in motion by a single scuffed shoe. In November of 2010, Will Caviness, 34, a firefighter from Greensboro, N.C., was cruising…
LENGTH: 29 minutes (7255 words)

Ryan Leaf's Jailhouse Confessions, Written By His Cell Mate

They called him a better quarterback than Peyton Manning, who kicks off the NFL season tonight against the Super Bowl Champion Ravens. Then they called him the NFL's greatest bust. Now they call him…
LENGTH: 18 minutes (4733 words)

OTL: The Match Maker

"HELLO AGAIN EVERYONE, I'm Howard Cosell. We're delighted to be able to bring you this very, very quaint, unique event." On Thursday night, Sept. 20, 1973, 50 million Americans, fatigued by Vietnam…
LENGTH: 33 minutes (8475 words)