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A vast hidden surveillance network runs across America, powered by the repo industry

Few notice the “spotter car” from Manny Sousa’s repo company as it scours Massachusetts parking lots, looking for vehicles whose owners have defaulted on their loans.…
PUBLISHED: March 1, 2014
LENGTH: 7 minutes (1924 words)

Homicides Drop In Nation's 'Murder Capital'

A Chicago police officer picks through debris at the crime scene early Friday, Sept. 20, 2013, where a number of people, including a 3-year-old child, were shot Thursday night in a city park in…
PUBLISHED: March 3, 2014
LENGTH: 11 minutes (2966 words)

Doug Kenney: The Odd Comic Genius Behind ‘Animal House’ and National Lampoon

Photo by Everett Collection
PUBLISHED: March 1, 2014
LENGTH: 30 minutes (7668 words)

The Old, Weird Jamaica: Port Antonio, Jamaica

It's two twisting, treacherous hours over the Blue Mountains from Kingston to Port Antonio, on Jamaica's wild northeast coast. When you finally roll into town, a few dusty, ramshackle blocks of…
AUTHOR:Jason Fine
PUBLISHED: Jan. 22, 2014
LENGTH: 6 minutes (1717 words)

Armed Venezuelans fear 'Syria scenario'

Caracas, Venezuela - A former socialist guerrilla whose brother died battling Venezuela's dictator in the 1950s, Adicea Castillo knows the far-left well. But the current political climate - where…
PUBLISHED: Feb. 24, 2014
LENGTH: 7 minutes (1828 words)

Dusty but Digital: How Producers Went From Crate Digging to Youtube Surfing

“The need to find that break, the need to get that twelve [inch], the need to find out what that sample is from your favorite rap song, the itch that you get buying records and getting into…
LENGTH: 6 minutes (1562 words)

Pop Culture's War on Fraternities

In July of 1978, film critic Roger Ebert reviewed a goofy little college comedy called National Lampoon’s Animal House. Directed by John Landis and set in 1962, it told the story of a group of…
PUBLISHED: Feb. 28, 2014
LENGTH: 8 minutes (2187 words)

Invasion of the Taxi Snatchers: Uber Leads an Industry's Disruption

Illustration by I Love DustBehind this week’s cover Ray Markovich started driving a taxi in Chicago three years ago after shuttering his struggling wireless phone store. Driving a cab wasn’t…
AUTHOR:Brad Stone
PUBLISHED: Feb. 20, 2014
LENGTH: 12 minutes (3115 words)

Boutique Hotelier Ian Schrager and Marriott Join Forces

Jeremy Liebman for Bloomberg BusinessweekSchrager photographed at his office in Manhattan There are almost 300 framed photographs on the walls of Berners Tavern, the restaurant in Marriott…
PUBLISHED: Feb. 14, 2014
LENGTH: 10 minutes (2557 words)