The Firm That Grew Too Fast

Success catapulted Providence Equity Partners from a boutique into a megafund, but then a string of risky bets nearly destroyed the private equity firm. Can they rise again?

Published: April 24, 2015
Length: 9 minutes (2470 words)
The Top 5 Longreads of the Week
Our favorite stories of the week, featuring, The New Yorker, Toronto Life, The AV Club, The Atlantic, and Radio Silence.
Author: Editors
Source: Longreads
Published: April 24, 2015
Racing Thoughts: Our College Pick
A new Longreads college pick featuring Boston University's The Daily Free Press.
Source: Longreads
Published: April 24, 2015
How a Long-Lost L.A. Home Was Found 1,770 Miles Away

Revered Californias architects Greene & Greene built the house in Hollywood just four years into the twentieth century. So how did it end up being rediscovered in Canada in the early 1970's, derelict and abandoned?

Author: Steve Vaught
Published: April 21, 2015
Length: 15 minutes (3800 words)
Town Waiting for an Eruption Found It After Firing Its First Black Police Officer
In the fall of 2013, Gerry Pickens became Orting, Washington's first black policeman. He didn't last there for very long.
Author: Eli Saslow
Published: April 18, 2015
Length: 21 minutes (5278 words)
A Goodbye to Ambien in Dubai

"My stomach drops. I specifically Google “Ambien in Dubai.” I discover it's illegal there. Of course it is. Even people who come with their pills in the prescription bottle and a note from their doctor? Jail time. It's a gray area, some people say on the message boards. I am pretty sure “Gray Area” is not a term used in Sharia Law. (I have been following Amanda Knox since day one and she is innocent.) I’d rather not do a real life reenactment of Brokedown Palace. I don't want to be a story people learn from. Why is this alarming? Amy, don't you know you're not supposed to take Ambien every night? Yes, yes I have heard that. But no one ever told me that if you take it every night and want to get off of it, the withdrawal is comparable to that of heroin."

Author: Amy Schumer
Source: The Hairpin
Published: July 19, 2011
Length: 13 minutes (3376 words)
The Skin I'm In

A black Canadian man reflects on a lifetime of police interrogations and the high social cost of police carding.

Author: Desmond Cole
Source: Toronto Life
Published: April 21, 2015
Length: 18 minutes (4700 words)
War for Hire

A look at the largely unregulated multi-billion dollar private security industry, and its implications.

Published: April 22, 2015
Length: 11 minutes (2870 words)
Exile of the Bohemians

A brief history of the Bohemian, and whether artists in San Francisco have a future.

Author: Ian S. Port
Published: April 23, 2015
Length: 21 minutes (5330 words)
Bank of the Underworld

Liberty Reserve was a digital currency somewhat similar to bitcoin. Users could also store their money in the system making it, in effect, a bank, a digital currency, and a payment method in one. Was it also a global money-laundering operation?

Author: Jake Halpern
Source: The Atlantic
Published: April 21, 2015
Length: 30 minutes (7550 words)
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The Golden Ratio: Design's Biggest Myth
In the world of art, architecture, and design, the golden ratio has earned a tremendous reputation. Greats like Le Corbusier and Salvador Dalí have used the number in their work. The Parthenon,…
Published: April 13, 2015
Length: 6 minutes (1669 words)
Submitted by:
@Hellicarusprime 1 week, 4 days ago
Sushi a Milano? Chi non è stato dal maestro Jiro Ono non ha mangiato il vero sushi
Jiro Ono non ha fatto solo la sua fortuna, ma anche quella di David Gelb, il regista statunitense che ha realizzato il documentario Jiro Dreams of Sushi (in italia Jiro e l’arte del Sushi).…
Published: Sept. 9, 2015
Length: 4 minutes (1102 words)
Submitted by:
@dissapore 2 weeks, 1 day ago
Exclusive Extract From Jon Ronson Book 'So You've Been Publicly Shamed'
“I am a nobody,” said Hank, “just a guy with a family and a job, a middle-America type guy.” Hank wasn’t his real name. He’d managed to keep that aspect…
Author: Jon Ronson
Length: 10 minutes (2632 words)
Submitted by:
@EsquireUK 3 weeks, 5 days ago
Главы | Тыл в Первую мировую
Совместно с издательством…
Length: 33 minutes (8328 words)
Submitted by:
@efemer1d 8 months, 1 week ago
Why Movember Isn't For Everyone: The Silent Shame Of The Baby-Faced
*** ***   This year it started in September. An email arrived asking if I, as a member of the press, would like to attend the Movember: Cook Like A Man book launch, where ‘foragers and…
Author: Sam Parker
Length: 9 minutes (2275 words)
Submitted by:
@EsquireUK 6 months, 2 weeks ago
The Great Cocaine Treasure Hunt
It's only fifteen miles from Gainesville to Archer, but where we go next is less a distance traveled geographically than psycho-spatially. At the abrupt end of a paved lane lined with pine trees,…
Author: Daniel Riley
Length: 4 minutes (1057 words)
Submitted by:
@longreads 3 weeks, 1 day ago
April 10, 2015
With a beautiful view of the Himalayan foothills and a not-so-beautiful one of a multi-storey building coming up next door, Nayantara Sahgal, sits on the verandah of the home her mother built in…
Published: April 10, 2015
Length: 4 minutes (1110 words)
Submitted by:
@indiaabroad 2 weeks, 5 days ago
5 Reasons Not to Work Out
By Sonny Long We've all been there: standing at the treadmill, bench press, or stairs, deciding whether or not we should use them to hopefully shed a few pounds. And, if we did enough reps, we would…
Author: Four Corners
Published: April 10, 2015
Submitted by:
@fourcornerstuds 2 weeks ago
The Irrationality of Alcoholics Anonymous
J.G. is a lawyer in his early 30s. He’s a fast talker and has the lean, sinewy build of a distance runner. His choice of profession seems preordained, as he speaks in fully formed paragraphs,…
Length: 32 minutes (8204 words)
Submitted by:
@oldergirlbeauty 1 month, 1 week ago
The Teenager & The Porn Star - Los Angeles Magazine
Long-form Will 18-year-old Sasha Grey become the adult film industry’s next Jenna Jameson? On Sasha Grey’s first X-rated film shoot, while having sex with an Italian porn star named…
Published: Nov. 1, 2006
Length: 25 minutes (6362 words)
Submitted by:
@longreads 3 weeks, 3 days ago
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